Heart of a Champion


    Alpha Gamma Rho Heart of a Champion Livestock Show 

    Heart of a Champion


    On Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, the members of Pi Chapter were up early preparing for the annual Winter Bonanza. However, this day was special, as the men were preparing for something brand new.


    The men of Alpha Gamma Rho decided to put on a special exhibition show for local area special needs children. The idea was to allow the children a chance to interact with livestock, something most of them had never had a chance to do. It was also a way to help the children enjoy a day away from school while learning new things and having a great time.


    The children showed goats, sheep and pigs in the event. Pi Chapter members helped the children navigate the show arena, and it was not very long before friendships were made followed by hugs and high fives. Each contestant was given an award and a T-shirt to remember the experience that is uncommon to most children across the country.


    The event could not have taken place without the generosity of all the volunteers and sponsors, especially the contributions of the Thomas Ford automotive company.


    After the show was over, the children sat down to eat lunch, and the men of Alpha Gamma Rho listened intently as the children shared stories about the day’s festivities. All of those who were involved expressed their happiness with the event and also expressed their eagerness to host a similar event in years to come.


    The Heart of a Champion Special Needs Livestock Show has become an annual tradition and involves the men of Alpha Gamma Rho, the Stillwater FFA Chapter and the students of Stillwater Public Schools.




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