Hall of Fame

  • Alpha Gamma Rho Pi Chapter Hall of Fame

    Pi Chapter has in its membership numerous deserving Brothers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. As such, Pi Chapter has formed a Hall of Fame to induct these members in an effort to highlight the significant accomplishments of these men to Pi Chapter and to serve as examples for all to follow.

    Nomination will be solicited beginning at the Homecoming Alumni meeting and will conclude on the first day of February. A selection committee will be comprised of one Board of Directors member, two alumni, and one undergraduate. This committee will be appointed by the Alumni President.

    The induction will take place during the Homecoming celebration annually.The class may consist of up to 2 members, only one of which may be deceased.

    A plaque to hang in the Chapter house will record the names of the individuals inducted with their year of induction. If they are of another Chapter, their Chapter will be engraved with their name. Each inductee will receive a plaque signifying their induction into the Hall of Fame.

    The original 19 members of the Pi Chapter Honor Roll served as the first induction class.

    Newest Pi Chapter Hall of Fame Inductee(s)
    Brothers Bradley Gungoll and Malone Mitchell
    Nomination Criteria and Procedure

    The Pi Chapter Honor Roll recognizes those Brothers who have made a significant contribution to Pi Chapter and to Alpha Gamma Rho.  Any contribution above and beyond normal activities will be considered, but one thing must always remain the same, the contribution must always be made with the ideals of Alpha Gamma Rho at the heart of their endeavors with special emphasis to Pi Chapter.

    Brother that has contributed something special to Alpha Gamma Rho.

    • A Brother from Pi Chapter or another Chapter.
    • Contribution made by Brothers of Pi Chapter can be made at the national level or to Pi Chapter.
    • A contribution made by a non-Pi Chapter Brother must be made directly to Pi Chapter.
    • Brother must have graduated a minimum of 10 years before induction.

    Submit your nomination online.

    Pi Chapter Hall of Fame 


    Brother Arthur D. Burke-Initiate 1, Class of 2009

    Brother Thomas Howard Williams-Initiate 5, Class of 2009

    Brother Robert Charles Starr-Initiate 11, Class of 2009

    Brother Cecil Bauman-Initiate 18, Class of 2009

    Brother W. Grady Triplett-Initiate 23, Class of 2009 

    Brother Henry Grady Ware-Initiate 65, Class of 2009

    Brother W.A. Craft-Initiate 67, Class of 2009

    Brother Horace J Harper-Initiate 102, Class of 2009

    Brother W. Elmo Bauman-Initiate 106, Class of 2009

    Brother Ernest K. Lowe-Initiate 107, Class of 2009

    Brother Virgil S. Stratton- Initiate 183, Class of 2009

    Brother Edgar L. McVicker-Initiate 253, Class of 2009

    Brother Lowell E. Walters-Initiate 270, Class of 2009

    Brother Charles L. Thompson-Initiate 313, Class of 2009

    Brother Cecil D. Maynard-Initiate 317, Class of 2010

    Brother Jack M. Givens-Initiate 374, Class of 2009

    Brother William J. Sallee–Initiate 489, Class of 2009

    Brother Punk Bonner - Initiate 652, Class of 2013

    Brother Gerald Reimer - Initiate 656, Class of 2012

    Brother James Sigmon - Initiate 665, Class of 2013

    Brother John Goodwin-Initiate 808, Class of 2009

    Brother William J. Jacobs-821, Class of 2009

    Brother Gary C. Clark - Initiate 847, Class of 2012

    Brother Douglas L Jackson - Initiate 913, Class of 2011

    Brother Bradley Gungoll - Initiate 950, Class of 2015

    Brother Arthur J. Jacques - Initiate 952, Class of 2013

    Brother Malone Mitchell, III - Initiate 1129, Class of 2015

    Brother Robert L. Oehrtman, Class of 2009

    Initiate 689, Beta Chapter-Ohio State University

    Brother Harold C. Olson, Class of 2009

    Initiate 133, Alpha Alpha Chapter-West Virginia University

    Brother Joe Williams, Class of 2009

    Initiate 113, Alpha Lambda Chapter-New Mexico State University