Work Order Request Form

Please complete the Work Order Request Form so that we can complete your request. The form will be emailed to the VNR Housemanager for action.

When indicating the room please include the complete room. I.e. Room 203, Room 305B, Dining Room, etc.

When indicating action required please include complete information. "Top hinge is loose on clothes locker" is better than "Door doesn't work in room."

If your request involves a refund for vending or laundry please include your phone number so that the company can contact you.

You can also submit information about internet issues via this form.


You may choose to upload a picture or video of your request in order to help us determine the proper corrective action needed.

Internet Issues

Is the network issue device specific? (Laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.)

If yes, give as much info on the device as possible...(IPhone 7 with latest update, HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 10, etc...)

Are you having a wifi coverage issue? If yes, location...(Rm. 302 Ste A)

Are you having a network issue on the wired network? If yes, tell me the error you are getting.

Other network issue... be pretty specific. (Error messages, device info, if issue seems time related, does it self correct or require reboot?...)

Have you installed antivirus & malware software? Are they up to date and actively scanning? (Free & good software: Avast Antivirus, Malware Bytes & CC Cleaner)